Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We made it to Mumbai:)

Hello from the Mumbai airport. After conducting our final interviews yesterday we finished up shopping and explored the city one last time before dinner. We enjoyed a long meal at a Nepalese restaurant and played games to reminisce over the amazing experience we had while researching in Nepal.

This morning we enjoyed croissants on the rooftop with Animesh '08 Alanna '08 and Brijlal '10 before saying our final good byes. Brijlal and Alanna gave us traditional farewell marigold necklaces and Tibetan silk scarves for good luck.

On our 3 hour flight to Mumbai we were surrounded by Nepali men traveling mostly to Saudi Arabia to work and remit back home to their families. Chris and Lizzie were able to have conversations with the men sitting next to them on their future work plans. This final experience confirmed our findings about remittances in Nepal.

We have a five hour layover here in Mumbai and then we will make the 16 hour flight to Newark.

The past few weeks have been truly amazing and we are all excited to share what we have learned when we return to the United States. We would like to send a special thanks to Brijlal, Allana, and Animesh for being our tour guides and making this trip a success!


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