Thursday, January 3, 2013

Last day in Kathmandu

We started off the morning early by walking to find a stupa and do some prayers. While exploring the city we witnessed our first motorbike accident. Luckily the driver was safe but it was a shock to see it happen so close to us. Then we had breakfast on the rooftop before meeting with Juju who runs a program called Heartbeat in Kathmandu. His organization provides daycare and counseling to children living on the streets of Kathmandu. Street kids in Kathmandu are homeless and are not citizens of Nepal, making it difficult for them to get real jobs, often forcing them to get involved with drugs and crime. It was interesting to speak with Juju about such an important issue. Chris then lead our group in a yoga session on the rooftop before we headed out for our daily adventure. While basking in the sun we were able to get a good morning stretch and some meditation to start the day off right. We then visited Pashupatinath which is where Nepal's most important Hindu temple is located and is also the site of where many Nepalis are cremated on the banks of the holy Bagmati River. The rest of this area was filled with monkeys running around and cows walking down the street. Many Indians were here visiting the Hindu temple as well. After this we visited the stupa called Boudhanath which is a beautiful place with people of all ethnicities especially Buddhists who go there as a pilgrimage. We enjoyed lunch on a rooftop overlooking the stupa. The weather here has been beautiful. Chilly at night (especially since there is no eat in our hotel) but warm and sunny during the day. We are all happy to have had a wonderful time exploring Kathmandu for our first couple of days in Nepal but we are excited to leave the city and see more of Nepal tomorrow. We will be taking a 5 hour bus ride to Birgunj in the morning. We hope to continue to update the blog as frequently as possible but don't worry if we don't post as much since we are unsure of the internet availability outside of Kathmandu. Namaste.

Interview with Juju

Charlotte Caldwell '15, Chris Shrope '13, Juju, Brijlal Chaudhari '10, Lizzie Bastien '13

Chris practicing yoga on the hotel roof

Lizzie with her spirit animal

Brij looking tough

walking in Pashupatinath

Chris making friends in Pashupatinath

Brij and Lizzie at Boudhanath

Brian at Boudhanath

the group at Boudhanath

lunch overlooking Boudhanath

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  1. Jackson would like to know if Lizzie's spirit animal can talk.