Saturday, January 12, 2013

Charlotte's last post

Hello all,

I am sad to say that I have left the SLU team Nepal 2013 and am on my way to Chiang Mai, Thailand where I will be spending the spring semester. I will be attending Payap University and I am looking forward to arriving late tonight to move in and meet my Thai roommate! My time in Nepal was absolutely amazing. As a member of the SLU organization Literacy For Nepal it was especially remarkable to be able to meet the children we are providing scholarships for as well as visit the library that Literacy For Nepal constructed in the past. There is no way to describe the trip in a few sentences. We saw so many different people and places and I learned so much about the Nepali culture and economy. Each day was a new adventure. My outlook on Nepal has been completely altered after the trip. Their lifestyle is so different from the western world and it was an extremely valuable experience to be exposed to everything we had the opportunity to see. While we got to explore a few different parts of Nepal, I hope to return there sometime soon for another adventure. I wish the rest of team Nepal 2013 all the best in the remainder of their journey and look forward to getting together and attempting to recreate some Nepali meals on campus in the fall.

-Charlotte Caldwell '15

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