Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Woke up this morning and headed down the street to have breakfast at the Gila restaurant where we enjoyed coffee and tea with our big breakfasts. We then had some time to shop at the markets looking for some clothing to help us get by before our luggage arrived. We then met up with Dipendra from the YUWA organization that helps college students get involved in the community and help them find a job for their future. We also got to ask him about issues in Nepal such as the distribution of energy resources and water and the current status of the government. After meeting with Dipendra we regrouped before heading to a local bakery to get sandwiches to go for our hour-long road trip to Bhaktapur. This city is a world heritage cite with brick roads and beautiful temples seen everywhere. We spent most of the day here learning the history behind the temples and even enjoyed a Newari meal in a restaurant overlooking the historic squares. After a spicy dinner we went back to the Kathmandu airport (for the third time) to check and see if our luggage had arrived yet. Luckily all 5 bags arrived from Kuwait/Bahrain (we aren’t really sure where they spent the first 4 days of the trip) and we are all happy to be bundled up in clean clothes for the first time in 5 days. 

Lizzie, Charlotte & Chris having Nepali tea at breakfast

Brian and Chris at the entrance to Bhaktapur

Lizzie with her spirit animal the lion

Group shot 

Chris doing yoga on top of an elephant statue

Cynthia with her spirit animal the elephant

Bhaktapur City

Brijlal says "it's just a pond"

Chris learning new games from Brijlal

Brian and Cynthia having breakfast

Chris journaling

Animesh Giri '08 with Brian 

Chris and Charlotte

Lizzie and Charlotte

Cynthia and Animesh

Cynthia Bansak

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