Sunday, January 13, 2013

Back in Kathmandu

Seems like a whirlwind trip around Nepal. Brigunj to Nichuta, Chitwan and the Jungle, the magnificent views in Pokhara, a relaxing two days in Nargokot and now back in Kathmandu.

At every stop we have met people who have or plan to migrate for a job. It seems the Middle East is the most common destination. Most have a goal, earn enough to payoff loans, buy land and build a house, start a business or invest in their children's education -- to make a better life for their families.

While Kathmandu seemed to overwhelm my senses on December 30, my return today feels very different. The noise and bustle are almost comforting today. Each time I have travelled to the edge of the city I am taken by the amount of construction. The city is growing but doing so too quickly. The infrastructure needs to catch up.

And if anyone sees my son Cade, be sure to tell him happy birthday. From Nepal I wish him the very best birthday.

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