Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Kathmandu! Rabbit rabbit. After enjoying our first sleep in a bed (a cold one that is) since Friday night, we woke up and had breakfast on the sunny hotel rooftop. Later we walked through the streets and exchanged money before heading to the Chelsea International Academy that was founded by Rajesh, a friend of Brijlal’s. We interviewed Rajesh, asking about Nepal’s education system and the effects of migration and remittances on the area and also on education. We were able to tour the school and see how a typical private school is run in Nepal. We then enjoyed a nice Nepali lunch in the outdoor straw roof cafeteria. Then the students visited Brijlal’s previous host family’s home and got to speak with their 14 year old daughter about her education and plans for the future while enjoying Nepali black tea which we have already grown to love. We then had a nice dinner at a local Nepali restaurant where Rajesh ordered some interesting appetizers for us to try. Goat head and goat testicle were tried by most and had mixed reviews. The momos (Nepali dumplings) were delicious though! Later we checked back in at the airport for three hours to see if they had received our missing luggage yet…no luck. Let’s hope for clean clothes and better luck in the new year tomorrow. 

Breakfast on the roof of the Sacred Valley Hotel

Chelsea International Academy

Rejesh at the Academy

Lizzie at the Nepali college

Brian eating a Nepali lunch in the cafeteria

Charlotte and Brijlal

Lizzie, Brian and Chris hanging out at the baggage claim...again

Charlotte and Brian at the Nepali college

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