Saturday, January 5, 2013

Life on the border

Today has been quite the experience! We started the day visiting Brijlal's NGO Sano Paila " A Little Step" which aims to help strengthen the community with hope that the little steps they make will lead to a larger impact in the future. While we were there we met a group of 4 women who were working with Sano Paila to help put an end to human trafficking. The children they are currently working with are trafficked to India to work in a circus. Their NGO Freedom Matters creates an opportunity for the children they rescue to continue using their gymnastic talents while receiving an education. They have currently rescued 498 children from the circus and had owners of 22 circus companies convicted. Speaking with them was truly inspirational and fascinating.

We then headed to the Indian border which was an experience that is hard to describe in words. Walking along a dirt road with air polluted by smog and dust, we passed small mud homes with children playing in polluted ponds and piles of trash. We met with a border inspector who explained the borders regulations. This border is used mostly for importing goods such as oil, construction materials, and produce. Many more goods are imported from India, than exported from Nepal.

We spent the rest of the afternoon interviewing migrants and had the opportunity to meet a Literacy For Nepal sponsor student. Her gratuity towards us was inspiration to continue fundraising so more students can have the opportunity to receive an education.

Tomorrow we will visit the school the sponsored student attends and then head to Brijlal's village of Nichuta where we will be visiting the library built by SLU students for Literacy for Nepal.

We will not have wifi for the few days we are in Nichuta but we will be sure to update once we arrive in Chitwan on the 8th. Namaste.

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