Monday, December 31, 2012

December 30,2012

The flight from Syracuse to DC was on a tiny propeller plane, a first for many of us. Although this flight was delayed almost an hour, we somehow made our international flight. Landing in Washington DC with five minutes to spare our group sprinted through the airport just in time to board the plane to Bahrain. About 12 hours later we had a short layover in Kuwait before heading to Bahrain for a 8 hour layover. While in Bahrain we learned to play cribbage, ate at an American restaurant since no authentic food was found in the airport, and had a very interesting/dangerous experience on an overcrowded escalator. We all met interesting people on our flights from all over the world and all different ages. We are all looking forward to meeting plenty more people and many new experiences to come.
Cynthia and Charlotte boarding the propeller plane in Syracuse 

Chris excited to be en route to Nepal

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