Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 29, 2012

Team Nepal 2013 is excited to be embarking on a journey to Nepal this January. We are patiently waiting in the Syracuse airport to board our plane to Washington DC in the hopes of catching our plane to Bahrain and continuing on to Kathmandu. Whether or not we will be leaving the United States tonight is questionable but we are looking forward to the many adventures that we will have in Nepal in the near future.

Meet the team:
Brian says "it's a milquetoast kind of evening."
Chris says "run like the wind!" while practicing his deep breathing yoga techniques.
Lizzie says "hold our flight...have a heart people."
Cynthia says (she can't talk, she's on hold with the airline's customer service)
Charlotte says "blogging is fun."

Looking forward to new experiences in Nepal and sharing them with the SLU community and the rest of the world. Namaste.

Syracuse Airport, 12/29/12

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